Susan Zeller Dunn Attorney in Cincinnati focuses  on child custody, visitation, and above all, the protection of those who are most precious in your life.  

Susan was individually chosen and publicly recognized by The Cincinnati Enquirer in 1999 as a ‘Hometown Hero’ for her commitment to   children's issues. She was also recognized by the Cincinnati Bar Association for her public service work.

As an experienced Guardian Ad Litem and custody litigator with a certification in Family Law Mediation, Susan will help you resolve your parenting issues or serve as your advocate through the investigation and court process.

As a parent, Susan understands what is at stake when dealing with family issues. Our focus is on the negotiation and litigation of child custody and visitation. We can handle complex cases where your children's best interests are paramount. We have experience in both domestic relations and juvenile courts.

  • Sole custody and shared parenting
  • Parental visitation rights
  • Grandparent visitation rights
  • Contempt of Court enforcement and defense
  • Child support

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